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Professional photographer for

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in English / Français

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for art galleries, corporate art, designers, art consultants, public...



for printed ads, catalogues, brochures, annual reports, flyers...



for stock photography, stories, theatre, corporate events...

Zoom Magazine - Milan




McGrath Magazine

interview by Mary Wordsworth




Sydney Morning Herald

Good Weekend Magazine

10 things to do in Sydney...



Zoom Magazine

International edition

interview by Michela Balzarelli





Zoom Magazine

International edition




Lisalmen Sanomat newspaper




Zoom Magazine

International edition


..... his images are magic minimalist gems.....




......he has translated his startling, seductive vision into a series of photographs appreciated by Bondi sentimentalists and serious collectors alike.....

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..... offer a fresh perspective on a much-snapped spot.......





.....his approach to photography is that of “a tourist without a map”. As a result, his approach is instinctive, emotional and without fixed rules. His photographs are a mix of digital experimentation and formal minimalism......

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 ..... each photo is a new illusion.....





Finnish Language only .....




..... The fragmentary and surreal digital photographs on.....

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Exposed @ Australia, Italia, Finland ...


* State Library of NSW - celebrating 100 years with 100 objects

* Boundary International - Rushcutters Bay - Sydney

* National Museum of Photography, Brescia, Italy

* Newton - Selected Works in main Foyer

* Pink Ribbon Breakfast on Pink Ribbon Day – funds raising for Breast Cancer

* Con.ceit’ 07 – the Corangamarah Art Prize - VIC, Australia - finalist

* Cafe Art Festival - Sydney Waverley Council

* Underground Photo Gallery - Lisalmi, Finland

* Café 19a - Rushcutters Bay - Sydney

* Corporate 5th Floor - Rushcutters Bay

* Sara Roney Gallery

* Art Sydney 06

* Sydney Museum - Bondi history

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